So this is how we imagined this, as I wrote few posts earlier – lights will turn on to indicate where should you place your fingers, then when you play the chord, it will load the next one and light up next group of LEDs to show you next chord. App on your phone is sending commands to ukulele what chord to show.

How we tackled it.. we:

Made the User scenario movie

Decided what the components we need and made system diagram.. (previous post 🙂 )

Figured out what’s the best way to connect and control 48 LEDs:






Program modes, chords and animations:



Ok its working, lets make it smaller.. Design the double sided circuit board:



All the soldering we did by hand, so we had to check what was working and what needs to be fixed:


Finaly we made the PhoneGap app to communicate with our LED matrix driver:




And test it!

We’ll light all LEDs to see if they are all functioning; Then we send command to play animation – light up random LEDs..


And and see it connected, with the app 🙂


This is system diagram how we envisioned building it:

0.After turning on the device attached on ukulele (for the feedback – LED on ukulele turns green), it starts with opening application which connects to ukulele via Bluetooth. UkuleLED is now connected and ready to receive commands (color of the LED on ukulele is turns blue).

1. User selects lesson inside the app, which then calculates what are the LEDs that need to light up, and sends to command to the Arduino (Arduino EZLink for serial Bluetooth communication).

3. When the LEDs are light up, app is listening for the user to play the chord. Until that happens, LEDs stay light up.

4. When the chord is played, app immediately sends the next chord command for next group of LEDs to turn on (of course, all previously turned on LEDs are being turned off ).

— it continues till the user shuts down the device down, or connection is lost (which is again displayed on ukulele’s LED).



We both ukulele in parts, this how cute that is:


This is how and where we are planing to add our circuit board with LEDs, between fret-board and neck. Arduino, 2 LED drivers and EZlink will come somewhere at the end of the neck.

ukulele structures-01

Bill of materials (for now) looks like this:

$40 Grizzly H3125 Ukulele Kit Amazon
$17 56 leds
🙂 circuit Board floor
$7 Arduino Pro Mini 328 – 5V/16MHz Sparkfun
$25 Bluefruit EZ-Link – Bluetooth Serial Link & Arduino Programmer – v1.3 Adafruit
$36 2x adafruit 24 channel 12- bit PWM LED drivers Adafruit
$2 RGB LED Adafruit
$1 switch – Adafruit

Project with Ma Tan and Seiya. Here is the post Ma Tan posted, I’m just copying for my records 🙂


When we try to learn how to play string instruments like ukulele or guitar, we often have to go back and forth between the text book or website and the instrument, which is really time-consuming and tired. This is one of the biggest common bottle-neck for beginners because it prevents them from moving forward the next step where they can actually enjoy playing music so they can’t reach the real fun.
But we believe we can solve the problem and lead beginners to that fun phase with less stress by teaching the chord right on the finger board instead of textbooks or websites.
Displaying where to put your fingers with LEDs embedded on the finger board, and sensing which note you played by making a closed circuit with the conductive string and the metal fret you pressed.
Use scenario:
 VIMEO LINK  explaining all. **Wish this wordpress alows vimeo **
connection ways:
 We have 3 different ways to detect the different note of Ukulele:
1) Analog inputs
unnamed (1)
2) Sound Recognition and analysis
unnamed (2)
3) 56 press sensors
unnamed (3)
Phone app wireframe:

I don’t play with it any more.

Place I live in is small enough with all the furniture in. Maneuvering Sphero in space like that is more frustrating then fun. I keep on hitting furniture heh  Controls are great, need to emphasize that. It’s super responsive and with all special tricks you can do makes it even more endearing. It’s the space you need. I feel you need at least a 10 x 10 feet patch of open space, at least. I imagine playing with it in a park would be awesome (Imagine the same for dogs there). For curiosity sake, I tasted it in one of the hallways we have at ITP, it can go pretty far without disconnecting (30 feet).

I never used ramps that are included. Sphero is plastic and weights just enough to seem not proper for the wooden floor I have. Aside the loud sound I suppose it would make, I don’t dare to test its endurance-mostly ’cause its not mine.

I downloaded more apps, so I have more things to write here. There are literally lots of them. I planed to picked few to test. All of a sudden I was downloading 5 at the time, because they all looked so exciting. Even thought the ratings were not all the best, they looked so exciting – like the Sphero packaging box.

Virtual reality looks so good, but get frustrating fast because Sphreo is always leaving the screen. I go to shoot a zombie on the side and off it goes, I then have to chase it with my phone (I don’t have bigger screen then IPhone and Kindle is not supported). The same with Sharky game. I tried being closer and further and lowering the speed, still my score never passed 0 🙂

Much much more fun is using Sphero as a game controller. You hold Sphero in your hand and play the game by tilting it and rotating. Games vary from really simple – just rotating to more complex actions like – combining rotating and tilting. These ones require some practising, and keep me engaged a bit longer then the simple ones. You get, for example,  a spaceship that is always firing, so gameplay is mostly moving and aiming. Maybe it’s the right time to say I’m not a game person?

The one I enjoyed the most is called Color grab, where your reflexes are tested to see if you can pick up the Sphero when it is a particular randomly chosen color. It is less screen based, and you compete with other person, in person (?). Screen is arbiter there –  to give commands, choose color and set your score. When I was reviewing which apps to download, I found this video on youtube and that shows how the game go.

It’s the coolest toy I had in my life that I won’t find time to use. Kids and pets thought…



So I have a toy. Cheerful, colorful, fast little toy that doesn’t mind my (bad) experimental handling. And that’s the best part –  it’s a toy, I shouldn’t be afraid trying new things with it. What keeps me a bit away from it is the battery. It takes three times longer to charge it ready to play. Then you have an hour of battery life.. but not the whole hour of my day to spend playing with it. There are lots of different apps, for different games and I’ve downloaded a couple. For curiosity’s sake.. and because I was googling again, and this is important feature I should be aware of already, how to put Sphero to sleep. Turning on and off things should be intuitive, right? Weather reading from device itself, box or even *even* even* the manual. “leave sphero to charge and it will go asleep”. Hm.. but I want it inside a box, now what?

Might be a good way of forcing you to keep it on the charger, so it simply stays charged and ready for next play – yeah. I still wish there is a way of taping it, shaking it, some similar way of interacting with it like when you are waking it up. Because, I was lending it to classmate.

And imagine, there is an app Sphero sleep  🙂 And this is so much easier than opening the Sphero app, waiting for it to connect, select “Just Drive”, open settings, THEN put Sphero to sleep. This is one of the features I never use. The app should be one button inside the main Sphero’s app. It’s ridiculously complicated for command that often (worse then shutting down windows computer 🙂 ).

Rarely I use the tips – game like tasks they offer inside an app. I’m sure this is amazing for kids or game-lovers, I’m interacting with it when I take short brakes from work. Phone is always at hand rich, so does the Sphero. Short ride around the place, changing colors, see how far it can go without loosing the signal; are my maneuvers getting better, can I drive it around the wall and manage to bring it back without seeing it?

IMG_0383Oh that’s great. Few relaxing minutes from work. I’m seeing it almost like a pet. Wish it can jump out of the charger by itself – controlled with an app ( without an actual physical interaction ).

A robot- ball, yay! It was a ‘Christmas day’ on a Connection Devices class – everyone got a device to live with for 3 weeks.

** now I’m going to break it down a bit. I’ll sum the experience describing the appeal of the object, packaging, interface and interaction – both lovely and frustrating moments  **

Lucky enough, I was first one to pick. Box itself was exciting!

image (1) imageimage (3)image (4)


I think it has all it needs, but not too much. Took me few seconds to glance over all sides, to can’t wait to open and try it. Oh I just with the battery is charged, but lets see. A tiny instruction inside, all in illustrations and less then 10 steps, wohoo! Is that like a single minute? 🙂

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4)In 5 seconds I should know if my ball is charged, right? That’s what it says. And here comes the frustration:

??Wait, it doesn’t explain flashing blue, just the constant blue. Let me try to wake her up. No, doesn’t work. Ok, back to charging. Charger is blinking? ball says nothing? Did I set it properly? Heavy part is at the bottom. Then of course, I’m trying to adjust it, rotate it a bit there, a bit over-there; I’m lifting it and putting back.. lifting it a bit.. oh! it started glowing in all colors, when I lift it a bit, but for a few seconds and nothing else. It goes asleep again, or what?

Instruction is so readable, simple and short, but I wish it says what are the indicators of charging, or what all that different colors in the ball means. And here comes Google, and that’s a lapse, from UX view, or at least mine.

How do I charge Sphero? I found it fast, it’s even in FAQs, but was I suppose to google before even trying it?

**Three hours after this and charging, everything worked just fine. The ball woke up, and everything was so logical. Interface app is fairly simple, and for now, it’s rolling 🙂 I will comment more on the interface later..

There are so many more apps for Sphero and soon I will be trying them. Anything worth mentioning, I’ll mention here.

A coffee cup, for people always having one in their hand; Navigates with simple light signals (for left, right and forward).

It also vibrates when telling you to stop, along with flashing red lights. When you reach destination, vibrates in different manner, followed by green lights 🙂


upcoming turning: flashing yellow for 10 sec, then green light turns on

turn : green light on

forward : flashing green

turn 180, go backwards : coffee lid turns 180 degrees

stop : “hysteric” vibration with flashing red lights 🙂

stop, you’ve reached destination : ‘pleasant’ vibration followed with green flashing lights

This is what Woon and moi are working on, packing Together:


Our site layout in paper

.image (2)


First draft of that in code:



Next one testing opetWeather API:



Testing how it works, putting staff in bag 🙂


image (7) image (3)



After making basic code structure, and making sure things work, we start drawing all the items we’ll need, as well all the buttons and text:


image (6) image (5)


AND weather icons, to replace once that from the API we are using:

image (9) image (8)



now we are working on drag/ drop individual items for packing, this is how that looks like:



next will be adding printable checklist, save function, so you have your own, custom-made list.. we have more ideas and waiting for office hours, so : )

image (4)

Our [ code is here ]

This how Diana F.and myself imagined Shout-out:

Social media is an intricate part of identity, allowing for immediate self-expression and feedback .  The therapeutic relationship traditionally has been defined by the exchange between patient and clinician with little personal disclosure of information being shared by the therapist.  Today both therapists and patients can easily find each other on social media adding a greater sense of  knowledge and confusion.

  • Identify user that posts in health boards (Inspire)
  • Track user across social media: twitter, pinterest, inspire, instagram
  • Analyze language for word frequency and sentiment
  • Identify trigger words that convey user is unhappy
  • Identify “likes” of user through pins on pinterest
  • Send “shout-outs” gifts/messages when user posts using trigger word

  • Can we use an aggregate of social media platforms to identify patterns and reach-out


Perceived Privacy among patients and caregivers

“Inspire was created because:

We all need a safe place to discuss health.
We can help each other.
Together, we are better.”

  • Patients/caregivers seek support online
  • Identity is connected to health and emotional posts
  • Users often use same name across social media

Here are searched results for Mnydwhite, we just google-d out:




How it works:

* Connected users are notified and user is sent immediate information
* User does not have to opt in but can be selected randomly by people who join Shout-Out


  • Can we use our ability to connect and track online to help
  • Can we intervene or help when someone posts something “concerning”
  • Therapy is limited by cost and telehealth is part of acceptable care
  • McCormick et al showed twitter can be used to predict depression


We are analyzing twitter data based on a username, and looking for a trigger words.We are using box2D to visualize and sockets, everything is being sent to everyone who is on the page/ ‘following’ (in this case) mandyWhite81.




code is [ here ]

Woon and moi did this for our final:

decided to make subway – game : our first intention was creating game that the player can not stared to weird creatures that is sitting around on the subway and acting like people– if a player do that, lose the point or game over. On the other hand, there are so many issues that we have to figure out, so instead of doing that, we started to do simple thing.

Model the subway from Softimage:


and model the figure (creatures with donut head) from Softimage:



our rig:


01_donut_rig 01_donut_donut donutAboutDonut


Then we imported all assets in unity, and users can navigate subway with their mouse.
We also tried to write a code for : when a player hit by donuts, turn all the lights off… ah didn’t work for ‘tomorrow’.

001 000


This is how it looks like the app that we built in so far.
You can check out [ here ] to see how it works.


An web interface that helps you pack with your friends– who brings what, sharing the things on your trip – such as one camera for all, one toothpaste for all, speakers for loud music. Main purpose of the project is to save time organizing, not to forget important stuff and not bringing unnecessary/duplicated things when traveling in group. All yours and your friends stuff in one bag!




First thing you do is specify where and when you want to travel, so you get weather forecast. Based on weather data, number of days you will be traveling, and the purpose of your trip (vacation, skiing, business.. .) you are provided with things you should pack for your trip. This will help you not to forget thing you’ll need.output_TPlOqG (1)





Then, you start packing with your friends. Like a google doc, you can invite friends (share URL) so you are all on the same page. Aside of personal belongings (contact lenses, toothbrush, socks..) each of you select one or more of common things you will share on your trip, so there is no need for carrying 5 toothpastes, 4 shampoos or 7 cameras. Also, one of you might have spare things (gloves or snowboard if you go skiing), and will let other know so the other friend doesn’t have to buy.


123 goPro_Page_02





Every New York-er knows that when enters the subway car should be staring at his/her phone, book or feet; Avoid any possible communication with other humans.

My intention was to reveal these social layers and make a digital portraiture of NYC subway phenomena; Common ground with enormous number and diversity of people that successfully avoid any kind of interaction.

123 goPro_Page_03


Here I have bunch of goPros, charging and setting them all to respond on one remote controller.

123 goPro_Page_04




Unfortunately, with goPros, you learn fast how great but unreliable they are. This is the only time it worked..


Now a first test, trying to generate 3d model out of multilpe photos. I’m using 123DCatch Autodesk.

123 goPro_Page_06


What has helped is the fish eye removal tool, made by a 15-year old guy who loves to hack goPros 🙂


123 goPro_Page_07


Second test that actually has  generated more like 3D model out of photos (after removing fish eye).

123 goPro_Page_08


Third test, nicely generated 3d model of myself. It is detailed enough with no more then 35 photos.


123 goPro_Page_09


Test again, with some student sleeping 🙂


123 goPro_Page_10


4 goPros hidden in the box.

123 goPro_Page_11

Secretly taken photos with the box..

123 goPro_Page_13


Then I decided to better hide cameras


123 goPro_Page_14

123 goPro_Page_15

123 goPro_Page_16



Testing cameras from the backpack; Generating the 3D model (school restroom).

123 goPro_Page_17


And then, time for train.

2 methods tried. One with taking photos every few seconds (with multyple cameras), and another, shooting vides (with all cameras again) and then picking photos later and generating 3D model out of that. I was not sure which ones will be more clear and sharp. I was assuming I will have more success with photos then with the video, which actually was not proven right in the train. As I was constantly moving all the photos I took were blury and so useless.

It is hard to stop next and in front of people in the train, pretend you are doing something train-casual but actually scanning them with backpack. And what is casual/normal when riding? –> Stare at your feet and don’t move : )



123 goPro_Page_19

123 goPro_Page_20


This is a model generated of these 2 people. Not enough details of people, so they are lost in the model. Only the surrounding is left.


123 goPro_Page_21


One of the photos:

123 goPro_Page_22

123 goPro_Page_23


Not enough information to generate 3D model:


123 goPro_Page_24

Hey, my classmate!


123 goPro_Page_26


Instead of the iintended 3D model, where you can walk-through the interactions of people in NYC subway cars, what will depict that comon ground is this video from my back:


I’m using Andy Sygler’s example for Node.js and Arduino (Uno or Yun), to test and understand the concept of sending serial data from browser, through the server to Arduino. LED is lighting with random color when the mouse is pressed; and when the mouse is released, browser should get the color information and change the color to be the same as LED a second ago (when the mouse was pressed).



There are only two events in the browser window, with only two values to be forwarded (0 or 1) to Arduino:

window.onmousedown = function(){


window.onmouseup = function(){


Key concept here is that the server is only making connection between the to and passing the values; Nothing more complicated than that.

Browser is listening for the 2 mouse events;

and Arduino is waiting for one of the two possible values, picks the random color, telling the server what did he pick, turns of the LED and waits again.


void loop() {

char inByte =;

// mousedown event
if (inByte==’1′) {

// make a new color, and turn the LED on
r = random(255);
g = random(255);
b = random(255);


// mouseup event
else if ( inByte == ‘0’) {

// send the color to the browser, then turn the LED off


When chatting, we use a lot of:




But even when it is not funny! It is easy to laugh on chat. Let’s see if someone is laughing for real. Idea is to enhance chat in a way that when someone types any of these above, web cam would take a photo at that moment and send it to everyone.

and Jacque will help!

There were 2 scenarios; First when you want a love poem, and second for the opposite feeling.
Accordingly, there are two files to insert words into poem, one with lovely words, and another containing not-nice ones. Later one somehow didn’t fit well, so even though all the words are there, instead of them I decided that ‘undefined’ should be the main adjective.
That should be disturbing enough, right?

>> code is here <<



What our Words Say About us?

According to James W. Pennebaker’s ** book The Secret Life of Pronouns ** the smallest, most commonly used, most forgettable words serve as windows into our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The ways people use pronouns, articles, and other everyday words are linked to their personality, honesty, social skills, and intentions.


(I, you, they, a, an, the, etc.) are a window into the emotional state or personality of an author or speaker. For example, heavy use of the pronoun “I” is an indicator of “depression, stress or insecurity”.

This example counts the words in poems of Jacque Prevert, to see how  honest is he **

.>> code is here <<


**counting** **sorted with highest frequency on top **
Alicante: 1,An: 1,orange: 1,on: 14,

the: 99,

table: 1,

Your: 1,

dress: 1,

rug: 1,

And: 39,

you: 25,

in: 15,

my: 11,

bed: 2,

Sweet: 2,

gift: 1,

of: 26,

present: 1,

Freshness: 1,

night: 5,

Warmth: 1,

life: 10,

This: 12,

Love: 2,

love: 20,

So: 8,

violent: 1,

fragile: 1,

tender: 2,

hopeless: 1,

As: 9,

beautiful: 3,

as: 14,

day: 7,

wretched: 2,

weather: 2,

When: 4,

is: 10,

real: 1,

happy: 1,

joyous: 1,

so: 3,

ridiculous: 1,

Trembling: 2,

with: 6,

fear: 1,

Like: 6,

a: 22,

child: 3,

dark: 1,

sure: 1,

itself: 1,

tranquil: 1,

man: 3,

quiet: 1,

Which: 5,

made: 2,

others: 2,

afraid: 1,

them: 3,

gossip: 1,

drained: 1,

colour: 1,

from: 1,

their: 1,

cheeks: 1,

Watched: 1,

for: 12,

Because: 3,

we: 7,

watched: 1,

‘Snared,’: 1,

‘wounded,’: 2,

‘trampled,’: 2,

‘finished,’: 2,

‘denied,’: 2,

forgotten: 2,

‘snared,’: 1,

forgot: 1,

it: 7,

Entire: 1,

Still: 2,

alive: 4,

Shining: 1,

yours: 1,

mine: 1,

always: 1,

new: 1,

which: 1,

never: 1,

changes: 1,

Real: 1,

like: 5,

plant: 1,

Quivering: 1,

bird: 1,

Warm: 1,

and: 24,

summer: 1,

We: 8,

can: 2,

both: 1,

Go: 3,

come: 2,

back: 3,

forget: 2,

fall: 1,

asleep: 2,

wake: 1,

up: 3,

To: 6,

suffer: 1,

old: 7,

age: 1,

Fall: 1,

again: 2,

dream: 1,

to: 18,

death: 2,

Awake: 1,

smile: 3,

laugh: 1,

Young: 1,

Our: 1,

endures: 1,

Obstinate: 1,

mule: 1,

desire: 1,

cruel: 1,

memory: 3,

stupid: 1,

regret: 1,

cold: 2,

marble: 1,

delicate: 1,

an: 1,

infant: 1,

It: 4,

watches: 1,

us: 7,

Smiling: 1,

speaks: 1,

Without: 6,

saying: 1,

word: 2,

I: 21,

listen: 1,

cry: 5,

myself: 1,

beg: 1,

For: 5,

yourself: 1,

me: 16,

all: 4,

those: 1,

who: 3,

are: 6,

loved: 2,

Yes: 1,

do: 1,

not: 5,

know: 4,

Stay: 2,

there: 3,

There: 3,

where: 8,

were: 1,

before: 1,

‘Don\’t’: 2,

move: 1,

go: 4,

away: 2,

have: 1,

Do: 2,

had: 1,

only: 1,

this: 5,

earth: 3,

let: 1,

grow: 1,

Further: 1,

further: 1,

every: 1,

‘doesn\’t’: 3,

matter: 1,

Give: 1,

sign: 1,

In: 7,

nook: 1,

woods: 1,

forest: 1,

Suddenly: 1,

arise: 1,

Take: 1,

by: 1,

hand: 1,

save: 2,

Song: 1,

What: 8,

‘we?’: 1,

My: 5,

friend: 1,

‘We\’re’: 1,

whole: 1,

live: 3,

‘don\’t’: 3,

really: 3,

Breakfast: 1,

He: 20,

poured: 2,

coffee: 4,

Into: 4,

cup: 3,

milk: 2,

added: 1,

sugar: 1,

stirred: 1,

With: 2,

teaspoon: 1,

drank: 1,

put: 3,

speaking: 2,

lit: 1,

cigarette: 1,

blew: 1,

some: 3,

rings: 1,

smoke: 1,

flicked: 1,

ashes: 1,

ashtray: 1,

looking: 2,

at: 2,

got: 7,

his: 17,

hat: 1,

On: 2,

head: 2,

His: 10,

raincoat: 1,

was: 2,

raining: 1,

went: 5,

out: 2,

rain: 2,

took: 1,

hands: 1,

wept: 1,

Family: 2,

Life: 6,

‘(1)’: 1,

The: 24,

mother: 8,

knits: 3,

son: 7,

goes: 9,

war: 11,

She: 1,

finds: 3,

quite: 2,

‘natural,’: 2,

‘father?’: 1,

does: 4,

father: 8,

‘do?’: 1,

has: 11,

business: 7,

wife: 1,

‘find?’: 1,

absolutely: 1,

‘nothing,’: 1,

‘son:’: 1,

her: 5,

‘knitting,’: 5,

he: 2,

over: 2,

‘He\’ll’: 2,

into: 1,

continues: 3,

knitting: 4,

killed: 1,

continue: 1,

visit: 2,

graveyard: 3,

They: 1,

find: 3,

natural: 1,

A: 6,

‘war,’: 3,

‘Business,’: 2,

‘business,’: 1,

‘(2)’: 1,

Mum: 4,

kid: 1,

off: 2,

seems: 4,

kind: 3,

‘normal,’: 2,

‘Dad?’: 1,

‘What\’s’: 1,

Dad: 4,

‘to?’: 1,

‘He\’s’: 2,

job: 7,

‘lady\’s’: 1,

‘kid\’s’: 1,

gone: 1,

‘kid?’: 2,

about: 1,

make: 1,

‘all?’: 1,

fuck: 1,

‘woman\’s’: 1,

‘man\’s’: 1,

‘he\’s’: 1,

fucking: 2,

when: 1,

‘war\’s’: 1,

get: 1,

Anyhow: 1,

woman: 2,

gets: 1,

brains: 1,

blown: 1,

under: 1,

grave: 1,

normal: 1,

‘War,’: 1,

‘Job,’: 1,

‘job,’: 1,

bloody: 1,

Immense: 2,

Red: 2,

red: 1,

Above: 1,

Grand: 1,

Palais: 1,

winter: 1,

sun: 2,

appears: 1,

disappears: 1,

heart: 1,

will: 11,

disappear: 1,

blood: 3,

look: 1,

beauty: 1,

Garden: 1,

Thousands: 1,

thousands: 1,

years: 1,

Would: 1,

be: 1,

enough: 1,

tell: 1,

That: 3,

small: 1,

second: 1,

eternity: 1,

held: 2,

One: 1,

morning: 1,

‘winter\’s’: 1,

light: 1,

Montsouris: 1,

Park: 3,

Paris: 1,

star: 1,

You: 3,

‘market,’: 3,

they: 3,

sell: 3,

birds: 2,

bought: 3,

flowers: 2,

chains: 3,

heavy: 1,

then: 1,

slave: 1,

market: 1,

looked: 1,

but: 1,

did: 1,

First: 1,

Day: 1,

White: 1,

sheets: 2,

closet: 1,

its: 1,

agony: 1,

hallway: 2,

house: 2,

town: 2,

Death: 1,

Wonders: 1,

teeth: 2,

trap: 1,

paw: 1,

white: 3,

fox: 3,

‘snow,’: 2,

tracks: 2,

Who: 1,

escaped: 1,

three: 1,

legs: 1,

setting: 1,

rabbit: 1,

between: 1,

‘It\’s’: 1,

sailor: 1,

left: 7,

sea: 2,

ship: 1,

port: 1,

king: 1,

queen: 1,

miser: 1,

gold: 1,

‘it\’s’: 4,

that: 4,

widow: 1,

grief: 1,

crazy: 1,

madhouse: 1,

your: 1,

lips: 1,

leave: 3,

marry: 5,

knife: 1,

marries: 7,

wound: 1,

rainbow: 1,

tears: 1,

caress: 1,

frown: 1,

fire: 1,

ice: 1,

Hyde: 2,

tumbles: 1,

sand: 1,

here: 1,

lovers: 1,

act: 1,

good: 1,

nobody: 2,

asks: 1,

if: 1,

or: 1,

just: 1,

while: 1,

talks: 1,

price: 1,

room: 1,

green: 1,

velvet: 1,

Jeckyll: 1,

public: 1,

Eden: 1,

one: 1,

hears: 1,

whispered: 1,

‘”the’: 1,

Devil: 1,

‘Dream!”‘: 1
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Let’s start with what worked and what did not. *and code link*

I had two bad versions of chat. One that kept record on your page of everything you sent (on your on page) and just temporary messages of everyone else. That was annoying, right? The button was sending/ emitting current message and saving all of yours into the webpage, but the other’s one. I will still try to fix this.

Another, even more annoying version was, that as soon as someone else pressed submit button on their page, ‘my’ message was sent. So one submit was sending all messages (and still saving only one user’s messages on one page).

I started testing with 3, but finished with 2. I can’t be annoying more people than that (until this is fixed).

As this was fun for couple of minutes, control was lost really early. No real communication, even though we tried to make rules ‘type your initial when you read’, so we can go on. But one line, doesn’t really make it a chat.

Plan B, I uploaded JQuery part into the code, just to make small chat event work. I was googling that, it’s not my code, I don’t even know JQuery. But for the sake of homework. So, this time we managed to share couple of stories. I shared my story of Spanish guy who lives in Queens and how he fixed my foot. Then I head a chance to hear some news from Serbia, current happenings .. and some rather intimate things from my friends. It felt like a closed group chat, although everyone of them could have invite more ppl or just share the link, without the rest of us knowing. (ok, except me, I would know). That was also brought up for a second, followed with more jokes around. Privacy issues, as we all know. Anyhow, conclusion is, if it was fancier/ working and looking better, we’d had more fun. Nowadays chats are not chats without emoticons, attaching gifs, animating your windows, and seeing who is logging-in and who is leaving. It is platform for rather pleasant interaction, and one of my favorites.

>> video here <<



had problem loading intended videos. not sure why, they are all same format.. similar file size..

so as the closest match these two will serve.

or maybe, phoebe stays forever.

.. and how to load video directly from youtube?