(by E.M. Forster (1909))

I find that this is a beautiful story.

Parallels are many and so as works on this subject. The paradox of technology. Even today’s cartoons (WALL·E (2008)), science fiction movies and books (there are rather many). To be honest, all these new works are pushing hard on the paradox of technology.

That way I see this story more like a hardware version of Matrix movie.

So, are we putting the same question for last hundred years? Has our relationship to technology changed from 1909?

Plenty of warnings on machines, their development and implementation. Great fear that we do not become slaves of machines we have created.

But how can a man run out of ideas? How can they lose expression? How technology can withhold the inspiration? If not inspiration itself, technology shook parts of the mind that you did not even know were there. That is wonderful. Technology is wonderful.

And human is wonderful. Inspiration in man comes from outside and technology serves as a tool for expression. Man should embrace machines and consider it as a tool for deeper inspiration. Many times, it gives unexpected results. How else that result would be possible to happen? If you didn’t come to it with your thought, in a process like that the medium created the idea for you. It is just the extension of our capabilities; And extension of our ideas.

So a line from the book: ”I find comfort in machine, my friend. ”

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