iPhone, the new iOS 7


iOS 7 on the iPhone is a mixed experience according to users who made the jump as soon as Apple released the latest software update.


The biggest iOS 7 complaints are lag and performance, but battery life is also an issue. The video highlights some of the problems with using iOS 7 on the iPhone 4.

As daily tasks, each has developed its own system of how to use phone. Consequently, applications used are different and things are done differently.

Phone is used probably more than any other device and it’s important to be very efficient to use.

When used daily, motor skills and logic are invested into routine. Tasks become automatic. Automation saves time. So, any and a minor change in the interface means that extra time will be spent on re ‘learning’ and the break-in ‘new stuff’. Update that change interface that way, is inefficient.

With an iOS7, such changes apply to applications that are used every day very frequently (as a calendar or messages). It is more quite frustrating to change that level of automation. what appear to be the main difficulties are so simple tasks, such as deleting messages (one by dragging no longer available) or navigating google calendar (as it is different now).

On the other hand, each update comes with much more better and upgraded things. So the new iPhone interface has made some things easiest than before. All users have listed adjusting lightning as the easiest ever. It is essential that they do not waste time on such basic tasks; they are visible and simple.

All these wonderful applications that are commonly used, are supposed to help us save time and produce faster, superior results. Mapping is between what you want to do and what appears to be possible, or in this case what was to be possible doesn’t seems to do its job. When an action has no apparent result, you may conclude that the action was ineffective. So you repeat it. You repeat it again. Wasting time leads to frustration.

Only poor design allows frustration and here frustration comes from in changing adopted habits. But, this is mostly mine conclusion. And I am not an iPhone use. In a video you’ll see users poorly complaining on that. They easily got used to new interface, new photo arranging and more options! They had no hard time adapting to new stuff. Apparently changing habits is not such a bug if you are offering improved thing. The problem stayed with functions that are no longer available, and that were simpler than the new ones. Deleting messages with a swipe, cool! But now is gone, noo. That is a big deal.

There are also camera changes that some people just do not like it, while others are enthused about. Although both sides are Instagram users, opinions are different. Obviously, emotions are on trial here, not functionality. Yeah, “beautiful things does work better”.

I LOVE that in the middle of recording I asked for brightness to be lowered, and it took like a millisecond to be done! Simple commands, don’t change.


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