locals and goblyns

Final, final.


Its a documentary of Court Square cross-section with famous 5 Pointz and MoMA PS1. Mind that, people are spending days there; this is about them; their eventful cross-section.

We (Zoe, Jay and me) had the initial script and 1st rough cut based on that, then we rewrote it and finished 7-hours ‘second cut’ video editing just in the evening before dead line. The script was nicely planed but the video turned out to be so confusing and hard to follow. You can’t edit the video on written words. It’s about timing, visuals, rhythm, and dear god we’ve just read about that, about emotions. All emotions in, third cut came out 3x faster and almost smoothly. Almost ’cause we had to finally make that decision to ‘kill one of our babies’; the perfect shut we had but just didn’t go along with the story. We chased the drivers first cabin of train to get a fabulous gratifies-shot from moving train; And we did it! And it’s not there. And it was smart decision. And here is documentary on locals: (and goblins : ))




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