a bit on good physical interaction with teapot

Truth to be told I’ve always been the one that doesn’t even press a button if I didn’t read the instructions first. And it is boring, but hey, how else am I supposed to figure out how microwave works? Or door? But I’ve never thought that a door could be of poor design. How illegibly it can become when need to put ‘pull’ ‘push’ label on it. Obviously, it can. ‘Labels are never excuses for bad design’ and even that can be put on a wrong place. Plenty of room for misleading and things to think through; but seriously think through;

Looks like a job to do the thinking but I feel rather relieved that all does labels are not supposed to be there and things can be legible just on their appearance.

Look, the toaster; bread on the table, a knife, maybe some butter? I think you see the movie rolling in your head how this goes. Self-explanatory.

Installations should be ‘toaster, bread and butter’. And please no messing when someone is making it’s own lunch. Make it and leave it. Do good thinking before and let the interaction do the ‘talking’.



Love this drawing. It tells everything about design process and mental image you get when you just throw a look and get all information available from appearance of an object. Conceptual objects and visibility of things; seems like most important lesson of design ever.

Teapot, thanks a million! Now got to go make my design worth a hundred of pictures.

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