Defining myself by choices in typography

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I had hard time picking 3 serif fonts, as I found only couple of them I could say I was satisfied with. All the serif fonts I’ve chosen look very precise, like being written with letter-templates. I based my choices on particular letters in my name, N, V and K; and also, on look of numbers.serif

FONT: madame klara, regular.

I like the straight thin lines and letter V. Though, the K, joining looks old-fashioned, the way they thought us how to write letters in school and reminds me on grandparents handwriting.

serif 2

FONT: Thin Grotesk Serif, regular:

This one is my favorite.

serif 3

FONT: Palacio, regular:

I would say regular.

Hey, hard time picking 3 sans serif fonts as well, as I had to reduce my choices to 3 only:

sans 2

FONT: NoType, regular

Beautiful rounding on C and O; V joining on bottom.

sans 3

FONT: Matchbook, regular

sans 1

FONT: taller, regular



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