Karate Cube

The first thing was how to make cubes stay where it is after hitting it. Somehow they knew how to can hop or roll away.. and with the projection, we needed them to be sturdy and in place. After hours of sewing this is how we did it:

(this is .GIF so be sure to click if it doesn’t play right now)

karate cube gif

the bodyweight keeps the cube in place when hitting and we sewed a robe for two cubes so that they can be transformed and standing on top of each other (for adults) or next to each other (so that the height suits to the kids).

IMG_8687 copy

IMG_8701 copy
IMG_8700 copy

We also got rid of messy wires and sensors, and in the coat that we made, we have added a pocket for conductive foam. Using that and conductive thread (sewing never ends), I think we did a good job making we the pressure sensor (thanks Antonius for teaching us how to do it).

IMG_8674 - Copy - Copy copy IMG_8679 copy IMG_8680 copy

The fabric sewed with conductive thread from on both and opposite sides of the foam that works exactly same as FSR. Look inside of our cube:

IMG_8737 copy
IMG_8741 copyIMG_8739 copy IMG_8733 copy

We put FSR underneath of the board, so that it changes the background music and starts the game.
(working like start button of the game).

IMG_8714 copy

Woon loves our red reset button (circuit inside) so there’s no doubt in whose room it will end up:

IMG_8727 copy IMG_8728 copy

sensor test and some sound effects:










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