can you watch 10 min of this


10s:     cool, expected; like the pattern.

30s:     trying to see if speed is changing, although I know it does not. Expecting smt

1min:   feel like ‘ok, got the point’ but still can keep on watching

2min:   seeing the differences in symmetry; paying more attention to ‘details’. Seeing many different parts of arc. Feeling like almost learning the pattern, what’s the next turn

5min: thinking about earth, cosmos, forces, life

10min: what else would’ve made me look this for 10 min? still was not disturbing to keep on watching I guess because organic moments

How is it for someone giving audiograms for hours?

Imagining small multiples.

I was interrupted 3 times.

This is ‘complex’ path/shape. I’ve been watching it for 10 min and I do feel like I know the path, still it goes other way, but doesn’t surprises me. I kinda feel familiar with shape.

Ended. Could do more.

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