recursive sin() movement

Still working on this. I’ve tarted at 2am last night and thanks to my ‘efficiency rule’ I don’t carry computer charger home : ) so far, this is 1st iteration of Creature sketch with with 1 simple recursion.

I wanted to affect the pattern and change in movement; Aimed for organic growth, to look like it is living creature, not machine (not sure why this matters).

Interesting thing happen after some time as creature starts eating itself. Like that homework task few weeks ago, to watch what happens after some time, I put constrains for speeding up/slowing down the sketch (slower actually easier to keep on watching).  So how this recursion happen over time is:


Gets really slow after, goes slower and slower in fact..


-Should I go to kitchen and come back, how different would it be? No dynamic shifts.

-I’m saving frames to see how it changes, but I don’t even care for 211.000 frame any longer..  (still saving)

-Waiting for change even not sure if there will be one. Hope it’s not like “machine in concrete

-Waiting for it to die. Tiresome.

-Like this is a pet.

-Finally it crashed at 266.000 frames (those are not actual frames, but variable used to speed up/slow down frame rate).



Looks like nothing much has happened.

Sounds like time for more engaging one.

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