Would you bet on it?

Author of this article is betting on live videos: ” If within 10 years, more than half of all video watched is live, I win.”

Question is would you bet on it?


Small digression, video ads next to article you are trying to read, barbaric.


I wouldn’t.

When email started, and us using it, it became easier to just write message to someone who is in a room next to you then to get out and talk. It is definitely more convenient to answer when you find time for it, then when someone is, OMG interrupting you knocking on your door. I mean, isn’t that the advantage of the internet that content is available exactly when you want it? So if the live event is at ‘wrong time ‘comparing to ‘my time’, watching it wherever but later wins.

Reflex of recording with your phone is one world; so different then live-streaming we are talking here. I would say, time factor again. You are already there, so one click on your phone is all you should do. Not hard to adopt that as a reflex. And then, on the other side, notification comes that your friend is live streaming. Ok, realistic. Still unless there a siren for ‘SOS’ I don’t see demand to watch right-at-the moment. I’m talking to someone right now.

Klip, video-twitter, is live as much as twitter is. Most people are active in the morning and night.

Now, I’m going to search for funny+mistakes+happening+right+now?

I see live videos in action doing well for huge events, like world cup, concerts, itp thesis presentation : ) when you have your time devoted for that, and being unable to be present at the event itself.

Communication.. well numbers here might come too close to 50% (of live videos), but searching for one.. no. Live videos, like reality shows, are too time consuming, too much of nothing-happening. People change channels, turn TV off, or a web page if there is nothing to keep one’s attention. There is too much choice out here already, in vast land of internet, and what do you do when confronted to that? – read reviews, comments and ratings; watch preview and trailers. That will be hard for happening-right-now content.

Live video is an event. Unless half of the planet is on events, or, communicating not in person for more than half of the day.. then it would be worth betting on.

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