public chat room

Let’s start with what worked and what did not. *and code link*

I had two bad versions of chat. One that kept record on your page of everything you sent (on your on page) and just temporary messages of everyone else. That was annoying, right? The button was sending/ emitting current message and saving all of yours into the webpage, but the other’s one. I will still try to fix this.

Another, even more annoying version was, that as soon as someone else pressed submit button on their page, ‘my’ message was sent. So one submit was sending all messages (and still saving only one user’s messages on one page).

I started testing with 3, but finished with 2. I can’t be annoying more people than that (until this is fixed).

As this was fun for couple of minutes, control was lost really early. No real communication, even though we tried to make rules ‘type your initial when you read’, so we can go on. But one line, doesn’t really make it a chat.

Plan B, I uploaded JQuery part into the code, just to make small chat event work. I was googling that, it’s not my code, I don’t even know JQuery. But for the sake of homework. So, this time we managed to share couple of stories. I shared my story of Spanish guy who lives in Queens and how he fixed my foot. Then I head a chance to hear some news from Serbia, current happenings .. and some rather intimate things from my friends. It felt like a closed group chat, although everyone of them could have invite more ppl or just share the link, without the rest of us knowing. (ok, except me, I would know). That was also brought up for a second, followed with more jokes around. Privacy issues, as we all know. Anyhow, conclusion is, if it was fancier/ working and looking better, we’d had more fun. Nowadays chats are not chats without emoticons, attaching gifs, animating your windows, and seeing who is logging-in and who is leaving. It is platform for rather pleasant interaction, and one of my favorites.

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