working on revealing social layers in NYC Subway

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Every New York-er knows that when enters the subway car should be staring at his/her phone, book or feet; Avoid any possible communication with other humans.

My intention was to reveal these social layers and make a digital portraiture of NYC subway phenomena; Common ground with enormous number and diversity of people that successfully avoid any kind of interaction.

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Here I have bunch of goPros, charging and setting them all to respond on one remote controller.

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Unfortunately, with goPros, you learn fast how great but unreliable they are. This is the only time it worked..


Now a first test, trying to generate 3d model out of multilpe photos. I’m using 123DCatch Autodesk.

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What has helped is the fish eye removal tool, made by a 15-year old guy who loves to hack goPros 🙂


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Second test that actually has  generated more like 3D model out of photos (after removing fish eye).

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Third test, nicely generated 3d model of myself. It is detailed enough with no more then 35 photos.


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Test again, with some student sleeping 🙂


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4 goPros hidden in the box.

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Secretly taken photos with the box..

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Then I decided to better hide cameras


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Testing cameras from the backpack; Generating the 3D model (school restroom).

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And then, time for train.

2 methods tried. One with taking photos every few seconds (with multyple cameras), and another, shooting vides (with all cameras again) and then picking photos later and generating 3D model out of that. I was not sure which ones will be more clear and sharp. I was assuming I will have more success with photos then with the video, which actually was not proven right in the train. As I was constantly moving all the photos I took were blury and so useless.

It is hard to stop next and in front of people in the train, pretend you are doing something train-casual but actually scanning them with backpack. And what is casual/normal when riding? –> Stare at your feet and don’t move : )



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This is a model generated of these 2 people. Not enough details of people, so they are lost in the model. Only the surrounding is left.


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One of the photos:

123 goPro_Page_22

123 goPro_Page_23


Not enough information to generate 3D model:


123 goPro_Page_24

Hey, my classmate!


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Instead of the iintended 3D model, where you can walk-through the interactions of people in NYC subway cars, what will depict that comon ground is this video from my back:


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