An web interface that helps you pack with your friends– who brings what, sharing the things on your trip – such as one camera for all, one toothpaste for all, speakers for loud music. Main purpose of the project is to save time organizing, not to forget important stuff and not bringing unnecessary/duplicated things when traveling in group. All yours and your friends stuff in one bag!




First thing you do is specify where and when you want to travel, so you get weather forecast. Based on weather data, number of days you will be traveling, and the purpose of your trip (vacation, skiing, business.. .) you are provided with things you should pack for your trip. This will help you not to forget thing you’ll need.output_TPlOqG (1)





Then, you start packing with your friends. Like a google doc, you can invite friends (share URL) so you are all on the same page. Aside of personal belongings (contact lenses, toothbrush, socks..) each of you select one or more of common things you will share on your trip, so there is no need for carrying 5 toothpastes, 4 shampoos or 7 cameras. Also, one of you might have spare things (gloves or snowboard if you go skiing), and will let other know so the other friend doesn’t have to buy.


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