It’s about donuts

Woon and moi did this for our final:

decided to make subway – game : our first intention was creating game that the player can not stared to weird creatures that is sitting around on the subway and acting like people– if a player do that, lose the point or game over. On the other hand, there are so many issues that we have to figure out, so instead of doing that, we started to do simple thing.

Model the subway from Softimage:


and model the figure (creatures with donut head) from Softimage:



our rig:


01_donut_rig 01_donut_donut donutAboutDonut


Then we imported all assets in unity, and users can navigate subway with their mouse.
We also tried to write a code for : when a player hit by donuts, turn all the lights off… ah didn’t work for ‘tomorrow’.

001 000


This is how it looks like the app that we built in so far.
You can check out [ here ] to see how it works.


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