01_ Today I got Sphero!

A robot- ball, yay! It was a ‘Christmas day’ on a Connection Devices class – everyone got a device to live with for 3 weeks.

** now I’m going to break it down a bit. I’ll sum the experience describing the appeal of the object, packaging, interface and interaction – both lovely and frustrating moments  **

Lucky enough, I was first one to pick. Box itself was exciting!

image (1) imageimage (3)image (4)


I think it has all it needs, but not too much. Took me few seconds to glance over all sides, to can’t wait to open and try it. Oh I just with the battery is charged, but lets see. A tiny instruction inside, all in illustrations and less then 10 steps, wohoo! Is that like a single minute? 🙂

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4)In 5 seconds I should know if my ball is charged, right? That’s what it says. And here comes the frustration:

??Wait, it doesn’t explain flashing blue, just the constant blue. Let me try to wake her up. No, doesn’t work. Ok, back to charging. Charger is blinking? ball says nothing? Did I set it properly? Heavy part is at the bottom. Then of course, I’m trying to adjust it, rotate it a bit there, a bit over-there; I’m lifting it and putting back.. lifting it a bit.. oh! it started glowing in all colors, when I lift it a bit, but for a few seconds and nothing else. It goes asleep again, or what?

Instruction is so readable, simple and short, but I wish it says what are the indicators of charging, or what all that different colors in the ball means. And here comes Google, and that’s a lapse, from UX view, or at least mine.

How do I charge Sphero? I found it fast, it’s even in FAQs, but was I suppose to google before even trying it?

**Three hours after this and charging, everything worked just fine. The ball woke up, and everything was so logical. Interface app is fairly simple, and for now, it’s rolling 🙂 I will comment more on the interface later..

There are so many more apps for Sphero and soon I will be trying them. Anything worth mentioning, I’ll mention here.

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