living with Sphero – week 2 *product review

So I have a toy. Cheerful, colorful, fast little toy that doesn’t mind my (bad) experimental handling. And that’s the best part –  it’s a toy, I shouldn’t be afraid trying new things with it. What keeps me a bit away from it is the battery. It takes three times longer to charge it ready to play. Then you have an hour of battery life.. but not the whole hour of my day to spend playing with it. There are lots of different apps, for different games and I’ve downloaded a couple. For curiosity’s sake.. and because I was googling again, and this is important feature I should be aware of already, how to put Sphero to sleep. Turning on and off things should be intuitive, right? Weather reading from device itself, box or even *even* even* the manual. “leave sphero to charge and it will go asleep”. Hm.. but I want it inside a box, now what?

Might be a good way of forcing you to keep it on the charger, so it simply stays charged and ready for next play – yeah. I still wish there is a way of taping it, shaking it, some similar way of interacting with it like when you are waking it up. Because, I was lending it to classmate.

And imagine, there is an app Sphero sleep  🙂 And this is so much easier than opening the Sphero app, waiting for it to connect, select “Just Drive”, open settings, THEN put Sphero to sleep. This is one of the features I never use. The app should be one button inside the main Sphero’s app. It’s ridiculously complicated for command that often (worse then shutting down windows computer 🙂 ).

Rarely I use the tips – game like tasks they offer inside an app. I’m sure this is amazing for kids or game-lovers, I’m interacting with it when I take short brakes from work. Phone is always at hand rich, so does the Sphero. Short ride around the place, changing colors, see how far it can go without loosing the signal; are my maneuvers getting better, can I drive it around the wall and manage to bring it back without seeing it?

IMG_0383Oh that’s great. Few relaxing minutes from work. I’m seeing it almost like a pet. Wish it can jump out of the charger by itself – controlled with an app ( without an actual physical interaction ).

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