– week 3 *product review

I don’t play with it any more.

Place I live in is small enough with all the furniture in. Maneuvering Sphero in space like that is more frustrating then fun. I keep on hitting furniture heh  Controls are great, need to emphasize that. It’s super responsive and with all special tricks you can do makes it even more endearing. It’s the space you need. I feel you need at least a 10 x 10 feet patch of open space, at least. I imagine playing with it in a park would be awesome (Imagine the same for dogs there). For curiosity sake, I tasted it in one of the hallways we have at ITP, it can go pretty far without disconnecting (30 feet).

I never used ramps that are included. Sphero is plastic and weights just enough to seem not proper for the wooden floor I have. Aside the loud sound I suppose it would make, I don’t dare to test its endurance-mostly ’cause its not mine.

I downloaded more apps, so I have more things to write here. There are literally lots of them. I planed to picked few to test. All of a sudden I was downloading 5 at the time, because they all looked so exciting. Even thought the ratings were not all the best, they looked so exciting – like the Sphero packaging box.

Virtual reality looks so good, but get frustrating fast because Sphreo is always leaving the screen. I go to shoot a zombie on the side and off it goes, I then have to chase it with my phone (I don’t have bigger screen then IPhone and Kindle is not supported). The same with Sharky game. I tried being closer and further and lowering the speed, still my score never passed 0 🙂

Much much more fun is using Sphero as a game controller. You hold Sphero in your hand and play the game by tilting it and rotating. Games vary from really simple – just rotating to more complex actions like – combining rotating and tilting. These ones require some practising, and keep me engaged a bit longer then the simple ones. You get, for example,  a spaceship that is always firing, so gameplay is mostly moving and aiming. Maybe it’s the right time to say I’m not a game person?

The one I enjoyed the most is called Color grab, where your reflexes are tested to see if you can pick up the Sphero when it is a particular randomly chosen color. It is less screen based, and you compete with other person, in person (?). Screen is arbiter there –  to give commands, choose color and set your score. When I was reviewing which apps to download, I found this video on youtube and that shows how the game go.

It’s the coolest toy I had in my life that I won’t find time to use. Kids and pets thought…



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