UkuleLED – user interaction and narative

Project with Ma Tan and Seiya. Here is the post Ma Tan posted, I’m just copying for my records 🙂


When we try to learn how to play string instruments like ukulele or guitar, we often have to go back and forth between the text book or website and the instrument, which is really time-consuming and tired. This is one of the biggest common bottle-neck for beginners because it prevents them from moving forward the next step where they can actually enjoy playing music so they can’t reach the real fun.
But we believe we can solve the problem and lead beginners to that fun phase with less stress by teaching the chord right on the finger board instead of textbooks or websites.
Displaying where to put your fingers with LEDs embedded on the finger board, and sensing which note you played by making a closed circuit with the conductive string and the metal fret you pressed.
Use scenario:
 VIMEO LINK  explaining all. **Wish this wordpress alows vimeo **
connection ways:
 We have 3 different ways to detect the different note of Ukulele:
1) Analog inputs
unnamed (1)
2) Sound Recognition and analysis
unnamed (2)
3) 56 press sensors
unnamed (3)
Phone app wireframe:

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