UkuleLED prototype )

So this is how we imagined this, as I wrote few posts earlier – lights will turn on to indicate where should you place your fingers, then when you play the chord, it will load the next one and light up next group of LEDs to show you next chord. App on your phone is sending commands to ukulele what chord to show.

How we tackled it.. we:

Made the User scenario movie

Decided what the components we need and made system diagram.. (previous post 🙂 )

Figured out what’s the best way to connect and control 48 LEDs:






Program modes, chords and animations:



Ok its working, lets make it smaller.. Design the double sided circuit board:



All the soldering we did by hand, so we had to check what was working and what needs to be fixed:


Finaly we made the PhoneGap app to communicate with our LED matrix driver:




And test it!

We’ll light all LEDs to see if they are all functioning; Then we send command to play animation – light up random LEDs..


And and see it connected, with the app 🙂


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