coding for emotional impact


10s:     cool, expected; like the pattern.

30s:     trying to see if speed is changing, although I know it does not. Expecting smt

1min:   feel like ‘ok, got the point’ but still can keep on watching

2min:   seeing the differences in symmetry; paying more attention to ‘details’. Seeing many different parts of arc. Feeling like almost learning the pattern, what’s the next turn

5min: thinking about earth, cosmos, forces, life

10min: what else would’ve made me look this for 10 min? still was not disturbing to keep on watching I guess because organic moments

How is it for someone giving audiograms for hours?

Imagining small multiples.

I was interrupted 3 times.

This is ‘complex’ path/shape. I’ve been watching it for 10 min and I do feel like I know the path, still it goes other way, but doesn’t surprises me. I kinda feel familiar with shape.

Ended. Could do more.

All of them follow the same rules:

//Angle changes over time
angle = map(frameCount, 0, pointCount, 0, TWO_PI);
x = cos(angle*freqX + radians(phix)) * cos(angle*modFreqX);
y = sin(angle*freqY + radians(phiy)) * sin(angle*modFreqY);

Changing parameters in bold resulted in getting different shapes.

Kept changing them over and over again, and didn’t keep record of all values. Do have for one, but doesn’t matter anyways.

freqX: 8,  freqY: 4,  modX: 1,   modY: 1,   phsx: 600,   phsy: 165


Initial idea was to make ‘background’ process, pattern like and slowly building itself, insinuating certain logic and getting one softly into the process. One should start to anticipate the pattern arising and then dramatic change would happen.




This is what Laura later said about surprise:

IMG_20140213_171506 copy



So sketch transformed itself into this:

I’ve also tried to make something less flat, more enjoyable. Hope to surprise her.