pop-up book

This is about a person who gets an idea and goes on journey; About the time that was spending with friends before flying away across the ocean and after; An empty room that welcomes her and how she turns a carpet into a bad, and latter finding a bunk-bed roommate for splitting the rent. Missing Belgrade, loving New York

After midterm deadline, I had time for coloring which was ‘so-much-fun’ especially the spread with cylinder:

image (22)image (23)image (26)Thanks WoonYung for color pencils!

Also, strengthened cylinder spread by adding another layer:

image (25) image (24)

aimage (3) copy


Finished, not colored version:

The hardest part was making Gmail chat pop-up windows. Well known mechanism, nothing not to go smoothly, but somehow it took most of the time. I guess because there were so many of them, or maybe just the fact that I was thinking it will be smooth and fast. Oh well,

image (17)image (16)




This spread was fun and smooth, though : )

image (19)

aimage (1)


The bunk-bed spread, emerged at incredible time, when the actual bed was in school serving for another, roommate’s project:

image (20) output_sM3Sjv


Thanks to event like this, I invented the mechanism: c02c01


One with diminutive kinetic sculpture behind:


aimage (2) copy


And covers, fast laser cut and tape:

image (18)


Exploring mechanisms on , testing and making few of them, I’ve found beautiful use for one; To include it in a pop-up book.

The complete process of making mechanisms in pdf is here:  whole_proces_kinetic sculputres

Much shorter, it started with movement 94:


Laser cut and assemble parts :

image (33)

image (28)image (30)



Then adding gears and placing it on paper:

image (10)image (8)image (2)

adding book characters and testing again:

image (5)

image (3)




Voila kinetic diminutive sculpture in pop-up book:


image (6)

Had a lot of fun working late nights with spare spirals : )