Visual Language

– a dove-like hand, global human rights logo:

human rights logo

The organizers of Logo for Human Rights Initiative say they hope the new logo will “make a peaceful contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights.”

Predrag Stakic, the designer was inspired by The-United-Nations-logo:


The 32-year-old graphic designer from Belgrade said “no single logo can change the world – including this one. But a logo is a symbol that people can rally around – and they can change the world,” .

The ten finalists:


emotion words



emotion words


This is not correct spelling in neither English nor Serbian, but this is on Serbia.

Since I was born, my country is changing (names and size). You might remember it as Serbia and Montenegro, but it was SFR Yugoslavia until 1992, then Yugoslavia, then Serbia and Montenegro, then just Serbia;

now we have ‘issues’ with Kosovo.



image (2)

I had hard time picking 3 serif fonts, as I found only couple of them I could say I was satisfied with. All the serif fonts I’ve chosen look very precise, like being written with letter-templates. I based my choices on particular letters in my name, N, V and K; and also, on look of numbers.serif

FONT: madame klara, regular.

I like the straight thin lines and letter V. Though, the K, joining looks old-fashioned, the way they thought us how to write letters in school and reminds me on grandparents handwriting.

serif 2

FONT: Thin Grotesk Serif, regular:

This one is my favorite.

serif 3

FONT: Palacio, regular:

I would say regular.

Hey, hard time picking 3 sans serif fonts as well, as I had to reduce my choices to 3 only:

sans 2

FONT: NoType, regular

Beautiful rounding on C and O; V joining on bottom.

sans 3

FONT: Matchbook, regular

sans 1

FONT: taller, regular



Seriously, I thought this was a criminal.


WANTED is jumping from the poster.

At a glance,  key word is MISSING and that should be what the eye catches when pass by.

Also, movie posters look much more important than a missing person. Compare the size.


So if this is a thing of importance, instead of delaying a train to announce and read all of this to the passengers (who are btw always unhappy when the train stops), why don’t redesign the letter-sized notice into a advertizing-size, eye-catchy poster?

001 copy

Instead of paragraph describing what a person was wearing when was seen last time, it can easily be shown with a picture. (the drawing is simple and fast illustration of an idea; the color of the clothes should be presented, and the person should be the of the real height and look)


When there is so many things to put on and make it visible all at once, when there is no ‘one main’ thing to display; this web site’s design is success.

Hierarchy of lots of lots of stuff.

Good organization by very few main topics.

And no submenus. What you see is what there is. No extra click; important when searching.

Grid is legible itself.

Enough of the white space, so the site is pleasant for search. and intended it is for around the globe;

They use Times New Roman for all titles and Inherit font for the rest. They also have few colors; the regular LINK and VISITED LINK color; and two more, black for NON LINKs and ONE unique green to emphasize their ‘we are hiring’.


01 new york


You can search worldwide; Still no submenus.


07 africa


The choices you get while searching, weather list view, pics view, grid or map; and that’s again so legibly designed that only serves a purpose; easy searching.


05 map


And there is mobile version.  Contains 10 fields; looks clear, still too much.

.10 mobile



I love it, it’s so simple.