Visual Language

– a dove-like hand, global human rights logo:

human rights logo

The organizers of Logo for Human Rights Initiative say they hope the new logo will “make a peaceful contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights.”

Predrag Stakic, the designer was inspired by The-United-Nations-logo:


The 32-year-old graphic designer from Belgrade said “no single logo can change the world – including this one. But a logo is a symbol that people can rally around – and they can change the world,” .

The ten finalists:


emotion words



emotion words


This is not correct spelling in neither English nor Serbian, but this is on Serbia.

Since I was born, my country is changing (names and size). You might remember it as Serbia and Montenegro, but it was SFR Yugoslavia until 1992, then Yugoslavia, then Serbia and Montenegro, then just Serbia;

now we have ‘issues’ with Kosovo.